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SRE Alpha Series, Round Two at Kentucky!!

Good Afternoon Drivers.

Tonight we head to the Bluegrass State and the home of some of the best Fried Chicken, as we travel to the 1.5 mile Kentucky Speedway.

Tonight we will do 167 laps of battle or 250 miles worth of racing. Our normal league rules will apply as always. Apron as per the rules is out of bounds.

Pit entry and exit are tricky, as well as tonight being a transition race. From natural light to artificial light. You guys may have to make adjustments as the race goes on in order to be fast.

Sam Cooper-Bennett has full control up in the race control tower as last week. He will go over some expectations and lessons we learned last week, as well as some things he will be watching.

If you guys have any questions, please ask us and we will do our best to answer them. Thank you all for coming out tonight in advance. Let’s make it a great one.


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