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Season #6 Registration Open

Updated: Mar 17

Registration for Season #6 is finally open. You may register on our website

We still do have an entry fee but have reduced it down to $10 for the season to cover costs. Our website renewal just came out at the end of January for $276.

With our reduced entry fee, please pass along the info to those that are still looking at giving SRE a look for this season.

We are still fortunate to have continued support from Sim-Motion and VRS for the upcoming season. This means that due to our absence from broadcasting we now must look at differeent ways of promoting and sharing information.

Butch, Dan, Mikey, and myself are looking for some of our drivers to assist with some of the promotions tasks. Desperatley needed is someone who can commit to writing race previews, and race reports. Then post to the website news and share the link everywhere possible. SRE Twitter, SRE Insta, iRacing Forums, Reddit, Facebook Groups and Pages.

The 4 of us are just spread too thin to make this our full time unpaid job. SO any help will be greatley appreciated.


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