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Season #2 Team Championships

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

So for Season Two we will be doing a teams championship for all the teams that are competing in the SRE Alpha Series where the winning team WILL get the ESBN Teams Award at seasons close which will either include a cash prize or a trophy for each member of the respective team, we haven't fully decided yet. We at SRE are very much fans of team focused racing and a system like this will for sure reward the drivers that are in teams and able to work together as a unit in order to be the best over the course of the season.....

NOW in order to qualify for team points the rules are simple, you must have a team of AT LEAST two drivers to qualify as a legitimate team and qualify for team points. After each race the top three finishers on each team will be counted as scoring points for their team and will be counted towards their season tally, bonus points WILL NOT be factored into the team points as we see this as a driver achievement and not a team achievement. We do require that each team has a MAXIMUM of 5 drivers on each roster and in the unlikely event that you do have more than 5 drivers on your team you can create a "sattelite" team that will be run as its own organisation and will then be eligible for its own team points provided that they meet the minumum two driver requirement, should a sattelite team be created, you CANNOT conspire with the sister team to orchestrate or alter the result of said race, each team must act independently of each other.

If you are interested in either creating a new team or expanding your outfit to represent the team rules set before you then please contact me and you will be added to the roster of 5 full time teams we currently have in operation here at Sim Racer's Edge.

To demonstrate how the team points would work out, here is a demonstration of how the points would look at races end. Any new teams joining will be factored in after and points will be updated justly.

  1. VSM Racing - 78

  2. OGR Racing - 63

  3. FBR Motorsports - 51

  4. Riding Dirty Racing - 47

  5. Voodoo Racing - 44

Also i will request that you all ignore the teams points on Dan Lisa, i will tally the team points personally and the points on there are a bit weird so its not worth paying attention to it.

Thank You

Chief Race Steward

Sam Cooper-Bennett


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