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S3 Round 7 - Phoenix Preview

Sim Racer's Edge heads to the high desert in Phoenix for round #7 tonight. Coming off his first win of the season at Auto Club is California's kid Kieran Brughelli who looks to capitalize on his momentum. Round 6 shook up the points standings a bit with Kieran jumping up 8 positions in the standings. A very early caution sidelined Butch Davis and relegated him down in to the third place position. Chris Simard, our runner up crept up 2 positions in the points standings behind series Rookie, Chad Simpson. Simpson rounded out the last spot on the podium and is aiming to continue his charge at the helm of the points chase.

The Phoenix track is quick and tight with multiple viable racing lines available. In early testing, we saw tire wear come in to play along with changes in handling characteristics that will certainly come in to play. "I feel that we have a great balance at this tough track. Our drivers have all the tools at their disposal to help manage the tires as the track and fuel loads change throughout the course of the run." Kris Walker noted. Racing will certainly be intense at the beginning but who will come out on top? Will it be one of our series veterans? Could it be a rookie making a name for themselves in the series? Perhaps it could be one who has been close to victory lane before but, has fallen short. One this is for certain, car control and a good sense of spatial awareness will be the magic pill for victory tonight.

Practice will commence at 7:30EDT followed by a 5 minute single car Qualifying at 8:20EDT. Green Flag drops at 8:30EDT. Coverage as always will be live at 8:20 on the eSports Broadcasting Channel on YouTube

Be sure to tune in tonight and join us in the chat. This is one you are going to want to drop your wrenches and head to the fences for a night of excitement!


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