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Round 1 Kicks Off this Evening!

Good Afternoon Drivers, Tonight is Opening Night of Season 2 as we begin our second campaign off in the mountains of Pocono as the first round of the season is at the Tricky Triangle of Pocono Raceway. 160 laps and 400 miles will be the scheduled distance of running tonight. As we have a couple of new guys in the league, I'd highly recommend checking out our rulebook along with the additions we made from Season 1 to Season 2. Tonight patience will be key, we believe the setup is easy to race around people, but won't be a pack race, the tires will take a little time to warm up so in the first couple of laps. Let's find our footing and smash this race out. We're proud to have Sam Cooper-Bennett in the Race Control Tower and we will stand behind any decision he makes. Sam will have some of his hot buttons for the race tonight that he will go over and what he says goes. Remember that if you don't like any decisions that Sam makes, we do have our protest procedures, which is in our rulebook. This is incredible to have the support of you guys and how much you believe in the league overall. Its a privilege to be able to do this with you guys, and it does mean a lot to all of the admins. Lets make this season great.


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