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Road Course Pace Car Update


In an effort to continually evolve and improve the racing here at SRE, we will be testing a new pace car method FOR ROAD COURSES ONLY at the event in Monza, Italy.. After having issues several times last season with ill-timed yellows causing havoc on the running order, we want to try a method that has worked in the past in other sims..

The iRacing pace car will lead the field around on the initial pace lap to the green flag, but any potential yellows after that will be controlled by RACE CONTROL via in-game chat, not by iRacing’s flag system or pace car.. RACE CONTROL will be in the server in a GT car (most likely the Mercedes) and will call out that there is a yellow and will exit the pits so as to pick up the leader. Pace speed will be normal until all cars are properly cued up.. Lucky dog and wave arounds will be handled quickly and pace speed will increase by no more than 20mph to help speed up the entire process.. Coming to green, the pace car will accelerate to pit entry and the field will be under the leader’s control and may accelerate when they see fit..

We will have a quick test of these on Saturday at Monza, with a session hosted under Butch Davis


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