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🏁Homestead Part 2

Below you will find the starting order for Homestead, which is based on the running order as of lap 26 when the first driver dropped from the server.. Drivers who were not present for the first event will be placed at the tail end of the field for the start.. The start will be double-file as there's no way to start the race single-file.. The race length for Wednesday's resumed event will be 170 laps, with 30 laps credited to ALL drivers for a total of 200 laps.. All drivers will start on the lead lap with their 1 fast repair intact..

1. Simard

2. Siefker

3. Glaser

4. Beasley

5. Bruppacher

6. Osmer

7. Grandy

8. Bell

9. Rollette

10. Bates

11. Hollingsworth

12. Davis

13. Phillips

14. Woods

15. Burk

16. Brasington

17. Fletcher

18. Krumrei

19. Duckworth

20. Blume

21. Born

22. Bogan

23. Antonucci

24. Walker

25. Obrien


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