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Ecency Joins Sim Racer's Edge

Ecency will be the title sponsor for SRE Season 4

Sim Racer's Edge is pleased to welcome Ecency as the title sponsor for Season 4! As the title sponsor, Ecency would like to encourage your participation in the "Need for Speed" Ecency community! Sim Racer's Edge will be making regular posts to the community and you are encouraged to comment on these posts. Keep in mind these posts are public for the world to see so your comments should be made with this in mind. We are trying to promote the league to a new, worldwide audience that shares a common interest in motorsports. We'll be encouraging people to watch the league streams each week. The "Need for Speed" Ecency community is new, and for those so inclined, creating new posts related to SRE, iRacing, or any other racing content is welcomed!

What is Ecency???

You may be asking yourself, what is Ecency? Ecency is a blockchain-based, decentralized, uncensored, opensource, user-controlled social network. Ecency prides itself on being a home for free speech and rewarding communities for content creators to contribute with truly full ownership. Ecency contributors are paid for their time all while having complete control over their account, communities and content.

Consider putting the Ecency logo on your IR18!

Create your Ecency account

Follow this link to create your new account:

Confirm your email and login for the first time

You will receive an email confirmation. After confirming your email, you will be emailed a password. Use this to log in to Ecency for the first time.

Don't treat your Password like other passwords!

Don't treat this password as a typical password. Remember that Ecency is based on blockchain. Your password is actually a blockchain key it is impossible to reset or recover a lost password.

Change your Password

Your account will earn value over with your Ecency content contributions. Once you log in to Ecency with your password, it is recommended that you reset your password. Because your password was emailed to you, it could be compromised should someone gain access to your email. To change your password, click on your profile picture in the upper-right and select Settings. At the bottom of settings, there is a Permissions link. Create a new password and save that password.

Save your block chain keys!

The final important step to securely store your Owner, Active, Posting, and Memo keys along with your Password. Enter your "Current password" to the "Manage keys" section and click the "Click to view keys" button. All 4 keys will be displayed. Use blue copy icon to each of the keys and save them carefully along with their name (Owner, Active, Posting, and Memo). Your account may not have value today, but should your account grow in value, you will want these keys!

Contribute to the "Need for Speed" community As mentioned, we encourage you to contribute to the community, either with new posts or commenting on the league posts!

When posting please tag your posts as appropriate with "simracersedge", "iracing", and "simracing" as shown below.

Install the Ecency mobile app



Join the Ecency Discord

(a great place to get help with Ecency)

Review the Ecency FAQ


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