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Alpha Series Procedure for iRacing Snafu

Due to the issues brought on by Wednesday's update by iRacing, Wednesday's race at Homestead has been "washed out".. We will slot this race into the schedule later and have a procedure that will put everyone in their proper position at the time of the first throughput..

1. The race will run for 170 laps, with us counting the 30 laps run prior to the first driver dropped toward the total of 200 laps. 2. The (re)starting grid will be lined up according to the positions of drivers at the time of the first drop. 3. Drivers not in attendance for the event who show up for the rescheduled event will be placed at the tail end of the grid for the restart. 4. All drivers will be credited for 30 laps run, placing ALL drivers on the lead lap for the (re)start. 5. Bentley Glaser will be credited as the pole winner and will retain his championship bonus point for that. Bentley Glaser and Chris Simard will be credited for leading a lap and will retain their bonus point for that. They will not accrue an EXTRA bonus point should either lead a lap in the restarted event.


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