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Race 4 Gateway

Race 4 at Gateway

As we hit the 4th race of the season at Wide World Technology Raceway, also known as Gateway, where we will be racing for 140 laps, we’ve been looking at the statistics and events of late, not just in the league, but on iRacing as a whole..  We have taken the input from league drivers and have decided to reinstitute the fast repair (1) for the remainder of this season.. It’s been painfully obvious that the netcode issues facing not just our league, but iRacing as a whole, has caused some major problems, resulting in incidents and races ending for drivers who are merely victims of bad netcode..   Please remember that this is NOT a license to drive over your head, but has been put in place to hopefully allow drivers the chance to continue their race should a netcode issue arise.. Race Control will still review incidents and administer penalties should they be warranted..  Good luck to everyone tonight!!

140 Laps

10x Warning

14x DQ

1 Fast Repair

Practice opens at 7pm

Qualifying at 8:20

Race starts at 8:30

Dynamic skies

Mostly Cloudy  

80 degrees 

30% Humidity

Wind 2mph N

5% ongoing

50% track state state leave marbles 

81% fuel

April 24th 2023 8:30 pm

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